Information about GearMe

How it works

Search for your sports and adventure gear. If you can't find what you are looking for, list your gear request on GearMe or contact us.

Once you have found the gear you are looking for, select the dates and a request will be sent to the owner to approve.  You are also able to communicate with the owner through our chat functionality. Once approved you will be charged for the rental.

Arrange collection of the gear with the owner and with your phone take a time stamped photo of the condition of the gear and send over to Enjoy your adventure!

Return the gear to the owner, mark the transaction as completed and leave them a review to help build our community.

List for free, upload pictures and add as much information as possible to showcase your great gear. You set the price with the option to include a cash bond and you can even offer delivery for a fee.

Approve the rental request, you have the opportunity to communicate with the hirer through our chat functionality.

Arrange a time and location to exchange the gear with the hirer.

Once the hirer has returned the gear, get paid via our secure payments system and give the hirer a review.

How much do GearMe charge?

It is free to list gear for hire on GearMe, we simply charge a service fee of 10% on all transactions completed through our site. This is deducted from the final rental amount and charged to the owner when the rental is completed.

Event Gear

Retail Shops:
Start selling your endurance event gear as a business from $150 a month. 

We offer:
- Unlimited ads
- Increased sales online and in store
- Customer insights 
- Your own profile 
- Monthly marketing through our social media channels

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Sell your new or used endurance event gear now. Your ad is with us for 60 days.

We offer:
- Unlimited changes
- Secure payment through Stripe and Paypal
- Renew your ad after 60 days for 50% off the original fee

Under $500 Free subscribe
Over $500 $9.99 subscribe

In addition we charge a service fee of 10% on all transactions completed through our site. This is deducted from the final sale amount and charged to the owner when the sale is completed.


Our users are verified through their social media accounts and email addresses. The verification validates your online identity to help people get a better idea of who they're renting to or from.
We encourage all our users to review each other after their transaction and highlight their experience. This enables us to create a sense of community and build a marketplace based on trust and safety.    

For peace of mind owners have the option to ask for a cash bond from the hirer. Gear owners also have the option to be paid through Paypal and Stripe, Paypal offers added protection, see how here. We are working on integrating full insurance soon.

We are here to help you find whatever you are looking for when and where you need it.

Have any questions? Check out our Help Centre or drop us an email at