Information about GearMe


What is GearMe?

GearMe is your one stop shop for sports and adventure gear. It is where you can come to buy, sell and hire any gear for your next event. Not only that we are also a peer to peer marketplace that allows people and rental shops to hire out their sports and adventure gear to like-minded adventures. 

We connect owners of quality gear with adventurers, sharing the joy of the outdoors, travel and sports. Whether that’s trying surfing for the first time, competing in a triathlon or fulfilling your passion for climbing we are here to help you follow your dreams.

We love sports and adventure, our mission is to promote the benefits of sport for everyone through improving the accessibility of gear.  We are here to make it easy for everyone to buy, sell or share their gear and create lasting connections.

Why use GearMe?

Make Money

We often store our sport and adventure gear for weeks without using it so why not make it work for you. List your item and choose when and for how much you want to hire it out for, you have complete flexibility. 

Alternatively maybe you have a tri bike at home or any other event gear that you don’t use anymore, list it on GearMe in minutes and access our network of endurance event enthusiasts to sell.

Meet like minded people

At GearMe we are passionate about meeting and connecting with fellow adventures.  We want to create a platform where people connect and not only share gear but ideas, experiences and fun. Why not try it and you’ll see what we mean.

A one stop shop for endurance gear

Our aim is to be the go to place for you to find whatever gear you need for your next endurance event. Whether you are looking for new or used gear we are here to help ensure you have the right gear at the right price. No more surfing the web for hours searching for gear, GearMe offers a one stop shop for all your gear needs. If you can't find what you are looking for on our site drop us a line at and we'll help find what you are looking for.

Hire awesome Gear!!

Don’t settle for average gear, want to experience what it would be like to ride that top of the range bike? With GearMe you have access to a great range of quality gear to suit your needs without having to worry about storage or the upfront costs.  You now have a serious alternative to buying gear for only occasional use, why buy when you can borrow?

Advertise your business

Why not use our platform to increase sales and advertise your business! GearMe provides you with access to our community of athletes to sell and advertise your gear, helping to  take the stress away so you can concentrate on watching the money roll in.

A community you can trust

You can be assured that we verify listings and owners. This community is based on trust but we also provide you with additional peace of mind.